It is written that, as God’s people, we are to love God and also to love our neighbors as ourselves. We demonstrate our love for ourselves by eating, drinking, sleeping, and praying.


Additionally, we are called to extend this servitude to our neighbors. We are asked to love them as we love ourselves. As a church, it's possible to address the basic needs of others through mission work.


We can care for our brothers and sisters through love and spiritual guidance.

The BK Damon Foundation supports what we call "Love thy Neighbor Programs".  


These programs include organizations that support homelessness, the widows, orphans, building of water wells, hunger, ministry, youth missions work, and education domestically and abroad.


Missions work is at the heart of our philanthropy.  


The BK Damon Fund has supported missions work across the globe and domestically since our inception. We understand that missions work comes in many forms.  We support individuals and organizations that make sacrifices for the good of humanity. Missions work provides a great return on our investment.


The purpose of mission work is to spread the word of God. In order to accomplish this objective God’s people often work in foreign and domestic lands to preach the Gospel. Missionaries often find their work to be life-changing. By working with missionaries, churches are able to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with those who live in places where Christianity is sometimes unknown. Whether in the United States or overseas, there are a variety of reasons why mission work is especially important.


Missions Partnerships

Authentic Marriages founded by Jared and Kaara Kiddoe is a faith-based, relationship ministry, designed to promote emotionally and spiritually healthy marriages globally.


We partner with Authentic Marriages to support their Marriages And Philanthropy Initiative (MAP) by helping them facilitate their philanthropy when hosting international marriage retreats. Each time Authentic Marriages travel internationally they select a local organization in that country that we vet to partner with for an entire year.


That partnership could include the use of our time, talent, or treasure. Their goal is to make a monthly donation toward the important missions work being performed in that country. Please click on the link to hear about the missions work going on in Aruba supported by Authentic Marriages